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Explore all our helpful links , and embrace the empowerment that comes with your Panache Dance Fitness journey. Your dedication drives this community, and this hub is here to fuel your success every step of the way. You can find everything you need to grow your business into a successful and high demand rehearsal.

We’re excited to remind you that all these incredible benefits are part of your monthly subscription. This subscription not only covers your access to this hub but also includes your essential license fee. This license is your back stage pass, to proudly use the revered Panache Dance Fitness brand name when advertising and teaching. It’s the pass that unlocks a world of possibilities and opportunities.


Showcase your information and create a symphony of authenticity that resonates with those seeking a dynamic fitness experience. Your profile isn’t just a platform; it’s an opportunity to dazzle, inspire, and foster a community that thrives on movement and energy.


Recap your choreography from the training and remember to keep a close eye on your cast members. Then you can subtly add more visual or verbal cue for those you notice who need it. The rehearsal is a FUN and safe environment for all.


Take advantage of the FREE website advertising by making sure you add your rehearsals and make sure to keep this up to date as you really don’t want to miss any trade.


You can view and edit all your account information here. View previous orders, change your address and check your wallet balance and transactions.


Be sure to get involved in the Panache Dance Fitness backstage group on Facebook.


Embrace the spotlight, dance captain, and let your profile shine by adding some 5 star reviews. Show your community the vibrant spirit you bring to Panache Dance Fitness.


Unleash your creativity and elevate your Panache Dance Fitness promotions with our Graphics Page! As a dance captain, this dynamic tool empowers you to access a captivating array of graphics tailored to your style. Dive into a treasure trove of visuals that that encapsulate the excitement and vibrancy of Panache Dance Fitness.


Extra choreography is available to preview and purchase in the store, remember the rehearsals are a dance fitness class and not necessarily a dance class where you would normally teach and break down a few bars of choreograph at a time. So make sure you keep the repertoire fresh by adding new material into regularly.


Access all your purchased Choreography to keep your Rehearsals fresh, exciting and explore how you can tailor the rehearsals to match different levels of fitness.